Securely Transfer FTP Data to Any Cloud Platform

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What is TowerFTP?

TowerFTP is a middleware service that reliably transfers data from FTP servers to cloud storage services. It can poll FTP servers using both path and filename regex and dynamically route file delivery.

How does TowerFTP work?

  1. External FTP servers are polled for data. If the FTP server is down, TowerFTP retries until the server is back up and continues from where it left off.
  2. When new data is found, it is downloaded by TowerFTP. Data is not removed from the FTP it is committed on our servers.
  3. The data is uploaded into your cloud provider. If the cloud provider is down, your files remain cached on TowerFTP. We continuously retry to deliver the files until the cloud provider comes back online.

How reliable is TowerFTP?

  • We poll your FTP servers using a cross-region, high-availability cluster of servers.
  • At no point does data reach a state where it is not committed to either the external FTP, TowerFTP or your cloud provider.
  • No data is lost if the external FTP, TowerFTP or your cloud provider goes down.
  • At all stages of transfer, failures are retried.

Is TowerFTP secure?

  • All data is encrypted at rest.
  • Data exists on TowerFTP for only the amount of time it takes to transfer it to your cloud.

How much does TowerFTP cost?

  • TowerFTP costs $99 / month / FTP server.
  • There are no limits for for file size, bandwidth transfer or number of files.
  • For more information contact us at: